Stop Being Afraid

I’ve been watching a Chinese drama called Nothing but Thirty (三十而已) and recently, I watched one episode where the character says the something like the following:

When we’re little, people around us tell is to be brave, to get back up and walk, or get back on the bike and keep pedalling until you succeed. You learn to be brave and not be afraid of failure. As you get older, in a turn of events, people tell you not to take those risks. They say, “don’t do it, the cost of failure is too great” or “you’re going to get hurt and it’s not worth it”. And with that, years of courage is tossed away.

That hit me hard.

I reflected on how I lost my courage and let fear dictate my every action and thought. I’ve become afraid of being me. I’ve become afraid of trying. Worse of all, I’ve become afraid of living.

So this very moment, I dedicate myself to not being afraid. I want my childhood mindset back, where it was all about problem solving, learning, and exploring. I’m not afraid to fall of my bike.

I am working on something new and I have been afraid on how to transition into it, but I am ready. I am done calculating all the risks, the right moves, the right way to not fail.

I promise to do it everyday and share it with you.

Thanks for reading.


Check out the drama too if you’re into life lessons!

How I get Motivated in 20 mins

We’ve all gotten stuck before. There are days we wake up and we feel like life is becoming redundant. Even the things we used to enjoy don’t seem appealing.

If this has ever happened to you, I get it. I was in a slump this morning. (I was actually describing myself above.)

I’m not seeing the results I want at the moment and I think that has been getting to me. I also think the anxiety/boredom of COVID-19 has begun to hit. I want to get out.

Anyway, there’s this one thing I do that has helped me, pumped me up.

It’s listening to this podcast called The Motivated Mind.

The host is Scott Lynch and what I like most about this podcast is that he is brutally honest–not mean, but honest. He doesn’t amp you up with bro talk and it’s not a casual chitchat. He’s a mentor telling you what you need to do to get going. The best part about all this is it only takes 20mins. Not too short that it won’t have substance and not too long that it will overwhelm you. For myself, this is just the right amount.

I also appreciate him telling his audience to not waste time consuming motivational material like his podcast. He wants you to take action.

Please give it a listen and share your thoughts below or private DM on IG @sy.dor.