What ‘Social Media’ means to me

I feel like I’ve been offline for a very long time. Of course I still use it, but I stopped sharing. I’ve stopped sharing online and offline. I stopped talking to most of my friends because I felt so suffocated by my own mind.

You see, I used to post on YouTube. And Instagram. (Linking, in case you’re curious).

Here’s a screenshot of some of the videos I have posted.

Unfortunately, I got caught up in likes, subscribers, followers, money, and algorithms. I ended being inconsistent, giving up, trying again, and hating myself. Eventually, I shut down.

This is not what social media is about.

Now in the midst of the pandemic, there are more courses than ever, promising people that they can make money with social media, grow to 10k followers, and quit their full time jobs for good.

But, since when was “social media” about…money making?

I feel tired of that information and I feel tired of myself thinking that way too.

In the past few weeks, I have thought about why I want to share and have come up with three purposes to exist on social media:

1. Making Friends

I love my friends. I can go months or years without talking to them, but when we do, we pick it up like no time has passed.
But all my friends are different. No single one person is interested in every topic I like (that’s why we are all ‘unique’ :D). Not everyone cares about Chinese History or that we can injection-mold a part without designing in drafts. I’d like to meet more people so I can have those variety of conversations.

2. Being Helpful

We’re all good human beings. Innately, we want to do good. This is where we derive our purpose from. Everyone is equipped with a variety of experiences and knowledge. We can all contribute back to the world. How can we help? So, I ask myself, “how can I help?”

Sharing Interesting Things

When we know something is good, we want to share with the world. That’s why we take the time to write reviews, tell our friends where the discounts are and why our moms buy us the latest health-craze supplements. When I see something good, I want to share it too.

So in the next few weeks, you can expect content that serves this purpose. I’ll do my best to not get distracted by my self-doubt, fears, and jealousy of other people’s success (these are all very real things we face everyday).

See you in the next one.

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