Scattered & Scared & It’s OK

I haven’t dropped by for a few days because I let my fear set in. The fear of being not good enough. It’s always that one. OK. I’m going to be honest with you. I’ve wanted to be so many things to impress other people and I think that’s how I grew up selecting my […]

My Favorite ‘Non-Design’ Design Books

I thought I’d share another ‘old’ video with you today. These are books that got me excited because I thought these were good books to introduce how a designer/creative mind works that was not through a textbook. Goodbye, Things by Fumio Sasaki I shared this yesterday and made a video for that a few years […]

What ‘Social Media’ means to me

I feel like I’ve been offline for a very long time. Of course I still use it, but I stopped sharing. I’ve stopped sharing online and offline. I stopped talking to most of my friends because I felt so suffocated by my own mind. You see, I used to post on YouTube. And Instagram. (Linking, […]

Learning Minimalism Again

I am planning to buy the book Goodbye, Things by Fumio Sasaki during Black Friday, if it’s possible. In the mean time after I publish this post, I’ll be picking the book up at the library. I have it on hold and it’s ready. I’ve read it before. I want to read it again. I […]

No luck today

I started this morning with quite a lot of enthusiasm. I thought I was going to finish everything on my to do list. Unfortunately, that was not the case. Enter I spent all day working on one task. I ended up neglecting my creative task – something that gives me life. I keep placing other […]